Householder Group Estate & Retirement Specialists Is A Registered Investment Advisory

We’ve worked hard to position ourselves as one of the most high-caliber networks of
independent retirement and estate planning professionals in the nation.

Householder Group

We know the challenges advisors face when either creating or maintaining their own individual RIA. The cost and expense, the compliance, and the annual changes and notifications to clients can be complicated and time consuming. That’s why we have created our own Householder Group Independent Registered Investment Advisory for the use of all the advisors affiliated with us. We take on the responsibility and expense, yet allow you to have a voice in what we offer, and how we offer it to your clients on a fee based basis.

Form ADV

Our Form ADV is public record. You can pull it up by going to the FINRA website and using our name: Householder Group Estate and Retirement Specialists, LLC. Our CRD number is 169045. Our advisory assets under management are currently listed at $410 million as October 2015. We allow you to charge our advisory assets under management, by the hour, through fixed fees, and by the use of third party money managers. You have the choice of charging quarterly in advance or in arears, and of course monthly to even out the fee based cash flow of your practice.

Fee-Based Business

At Householder Group we know the importance of the fee based component to your practice, and we know it’s an important element to the growth of your practice. We have made available to you what we believe are turn-key, and in some cases, patented investment processes you might now other-wise have found. Our goal is to help you increase your business through gathering new assets on a constant and continuing basis rather than spend the majority of your valuable time researching investment choices. We believe in protection of principle, and conservative choices for our retirement clients.


  • “Before Householder Group, my clients only had access to the small investment offerings that I was aware of. Since joining Householder, the training I received is something that I would have never had exposure to – and now my clients and their families are benefiting because of it.”


  • “The marketing systems at Householder Group have allowed me to grow my business from a normal independent advisor, to five-six times that level.”


  • “The greatest value I have received in my transition to Householder Group has not just been in the marketing programs, but in their systems and support as well.”


  • “Before my affiliation with Householder Group, my practice was stagnant for about three years. In my first year with Householder, my business grew 50%. The following year, I tripled my revenue.”


  • “There is not any question that the Householder systems are duplicatable anywhere. Wherever you are, if you follow their instructions, you will be successful.”


Have Fun. Help People. Make Money.

We provide undivided loyalty to our advisors and we operate with integrity to earn their trust and confidence. We believe in continuing education and due diligence to stay abreast of our advisors’ changing needs. In addition, we instill these beliefs in everything we do:


Honesty, ethics and integrity are the cornerstone of every great practice.


Establishing and committing to goals can dramatically improve the likelihood of success and promotes a sound work-life balance


We do all the heavy lifting so our advisors can focus on what matters most: Helping their clients.


We help our advisors grow their businesses by increasing their knowledge, business acumen and helping them apply cutting-edge marketing techniques to their business model.


Join Us In Beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona For A Day Of Discovery

Householder Group offers a distinct value proposition that you will not find elsewhere. We have developed highly-effective, propriety marketing programs and operational systems that are designed to help our advisors become even more successful. We back the success of these programs up with real-life examples and empirical data. In fact, we’re so confident in the effectiveness of our marketing programs
we guarantee the results.